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Hi! I am Tanay! I work at Microsoft.

There are multiple Internet properties that I have created and you can find something interesting if you give a minute to read.

I spend my time on the internet with the sole purpose of helping students land better jobs. If you’re a student and you don’t want to end up in service companies doing support job then you have landed in the right place.

🏕️ learning through bootcamp

If you’re somewhere between an absolute beginner to full-stack web developer you should check out my bootcamp neogcamp. Yes, it’s paid. But you can’t just pay your way in, you have to complete 2 months worth of free tutorials and assignments. I take limited students into the bootcamp after an interview and then work with them the whole year to groom them into a start full stack web developer.

So, if you’re on the fence, I would suggest you start with the free tutorials and see if you like my teaching style and I’ll see if you’re really made for programming.

💰 placements and jobs

Whether you come from my bootcamp, or you learn yourself. If you’re a talented full-stack web developer I can help you land an amazing tech job. I believe that our hiring is broken and it should be less about degree and data structures and more about programming your projects.

Luckily, quite a few startups have listened to me and they’re hiring students whom I refer. I am on a public goal of placing 100+ students in 2021. You could be one of them if you have 5 projects ready. Check out more details on roc8(pronounced rocket as we are launching your career)‘s main website

🦜 social media handles

Active everywhere on almost all platforms. You can find the links to all social media channels, and student-focused telegram page, and a Discord server at the bottom of this page.

Take one piece of advice for free if you’re a student. Join the Discord community. We have 5000+ focused programmers in one place and we are doing book reading clubs, coding clubs, meetups, and what not! It’s a thriving community.

🌞 mentorship

If you have a question, chances are I have answered it. Below are my star performers!

  1. With the limited time we have, what should we ** prioritize learning in tech**? 30 mins youtube video

  2. Why you should not go for AI as a career? 10 mins youtube video

  3. What should you do in college as a fresher? 15 mins youtube video

  4. Why you should not learn Python as a developer? 9 mins Podcast

  5. How to build a hobby project as a dev? 20 mins Podcast

🎙️ podcasts

A serial podcaster, I have put a lot of advice, experience, and stories out. See if something piques your interest.

  1. thinkingwithtanay (2021) I get questions. A lot of them. I answer them here. Sometimes with some help.

  2. productfm (2020) What does it take to build a great tech product? Nuggets of information from an engineer and PM at Microsoft on all things tech products - Speccing, Marketing, Pricing, Data, Experimentation. Everything. We have got you covered.

  3. developer duvidha (2020 Developer Duvidha is a Hindi Podcast that revolves around common problems faced by the developer community.

  4. teawithtanay (2019) Light-hearted conversations with people to learn about programming, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. You don’t need to sit with a pen and paper, sit back, relax and a nice cup of tea is all you need!

🤐 talks

Most of my online content is aimed at beginners. That’s where I shine currently, lowering the bar for tech enthusiasts.

I have also given talks at React India, GraphQL Asia, Svelte Society New York and other conferences, recordings of which can be found on Youtube and or Google.