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do tests scare you too? I did this..

March 17, 2019

I am sure you have heard the story of that woodcutter who was slow at cutting trees coz he didn’t sharpen his axe every now and then. I was relating to this story. I was bad at writing tests. In my previous companies I never wrote tests. In Microsoft, the story was different, we need 90-100% test coverage! I was spending a lot of time in tests and it was affecting my shipping velocity.

So, I went and talked to my manager and asked to buy a training and after hearing my justification he asked me to go ahead with it. Two weekends back, I didn’t go out, did nothing else, just did the course and wrote a hell lot of tests, wrote my own version of testing framework and what not, re-wrote all examples in jest docs and went through a lot of youtube videos as well! Basically two days of non-stop testing!

Moral of the story is sometimes we need help

First week the result was not apparent, but today, after things have settled down in my brain, I wrote tests for a PR in 3-4 hours, which is way fast than my previous records.

Moral of the story is sometimes we need help and it is perfectly okay to reflect on what is slowing you down at work and bring it to attention for it to get resolved. Projecting a know-it-all image hurts you more than anyone else… Hope this helps! :)