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how should you get me to refer you in Microsoft?

March 07, 2019

How should you get me to refer you in Microsoft?

I just referred 4 UI devs for an opening in MS. I get a lot of such requests and believe me I would love to go through all of them but can’t do that due to time constraints. So, I thought I would write a small post on how to get anyone’s attention, someone who could refer you to the next big opportunity.

  1. Brand association: If you’re a UI dev at Flipkart, BookMyShow, Uber, Walmart etc. i.e. the brands known for UI, you have got my attention.

  2. Open source contributor: If your PRs are getting accepted at major UI libraries: Say Hi, and open with that line, gets anyone’s immediate attention.

  3. Speaker at a conference, meetup, Youtube channel: If you’re the one who shares his coding knowledge openly, pls open with that.

  4. Meet me physically: I go to conferences and meetups regularly, please come and say Hi, I am very nice to strangers and can steer the conversation.

  5. Create online profile: If you have a website, beautifully designed, with your blogs, open with that!

  6. An app/product which has good number of users!

Please get the attention in one line using any of these and help me in helping you out. It’s not too late to start. I want to know you before I refer you, I think that’s a fair ask from my side.