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oss is fun with hacktoberfest

September 16, 2018

Hacktoberfest is a chance to contribute to Open Source. It could be anything, a change in something famous like React or even your friend’s open source project. Idea is to foster this culture of contributing openly. Getting a free T-shirt is just a stimuli.

Tanay Pratap hacktoberfest image This is the first time I participated and it was personally very rewarding for me. If you want to participate here’s the site

Even though I have completed the challenge, I am open to contributing more. Here are two ways I can help:

  1. If you need me to look into an issue in one of your projects on Github, let me know. Anything related to Full Stack Web, AI, Python and Javascript is fine.

  2. If you want to participate but you’re not getting quality issues to contribute to then ping me and I will create avenues for you to do some fulfilling work. I have created issues on my project and people from different parts of world are picking it up.