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resolving new year resolutions

December 30, 2018

Here’s what I have figured out about new year resolutions. And this is what I am going to do as well.

  1. Take one/two resolution only for a month. The time taken to fullfill that resolution should not be more than 30-50 minutes a day and not >30 days. To summarise, have micro goals. And this is what you’re ADDING to your routine, which brings me to my next point

  2. Take one/two resolution to change something about your daily routine. Something which ain’t productive but you waste time doing it anyway. This is what you’ll SUBTRACT from your routine making way for no. 1

  3. Related to 1, instead of running behind a goal or resolution for a year, take time out every month: reflect and revise your goals, plan and execute.

We fail at completing our resolutions because we don’t plan it, we feel it’s like a Genie’s granted wish and if you wish for the right thing on 31st night it will automatically come to you.

Spend some time and do meticulous planning and we’ll succeed together in our respective goals.

A very happy and successful new year to all of you!